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Army Counseling and Leadership Principals
Counseling is a basic responsibility of every leader and an important part of taking care of the troops. A
Soldier to Soldier relationship, it recognizes and encourages good performance.

Counseling and the Leader
To be an effective counselor, a leader must understand his be, know, and do attributes. The Army Leadership
Manual describes these attributes in detail. Briefly, what a leader must be is described by the professional Army
ethic and professional character traits. What he must know includes technical and tactical information, people, and
the situation. What he must do is provide leadership that directs, implements, and motivates.

The Importance of Praise to your Soldiers
Successful Army leaders use praise effectively. Identifying shortcomings and then telling Soldiers what must be
improved are a leader’s responsibility. Praising soldiers for their improvement and proper performance is even
more important. Sincere and honest praise lets Soldiers know that their leader appreciates their efforts.

Soldier Development
In peacetime, all leaders are responsible for developing and preparing subordinates to assume higher positions
in wartime. Counseling is one means of developing subordinates.
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