Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions FLAGS can be initiated for many reasons but the most common are when a
Soldier fails to pass the
APFT, gets enrolled in the Overweight Program or is pending UCMJ actions. Once a FLAG is initiated
the Soldier will no longer be able to receive Tuition Assistance TA, attend Service Schools, Receive Awards or Promotions
and any other favorable actions will be suspended. FLAGS will remain in effect until the Soldier fixes the deficiency and
usually requires a few signatures from the Commander to get them off the FLAG. Soldiers should be counseled on
DA Form
4856, developmental counseling form prior to the start of a FLAG. You can find more information about Suspension of
Favorable Actions FLAGS in
AR 600-8-2. Get Counseling Statement Example for FLAGS and over 25 counseling
templates with Counseling Examples 1.0
Family Care Plan
Initial Counseling PVT-SPC
APFT Failure
Domestic Issues
Bar To Reenlist
Government Travel Card
Flagging Actions
Corrective Training
Failure to Report
Diagnostic APFT Failure
Late For Duty
Monthly Counseling
WLC Counseling
Off Limits Areas
Promotion Counseling
Soldier Debt
Overweight Counseling
Safety Counseling
Loss Military Property
Under Age Drinking
Lost Military ID Card
Army Counseling Examples, suspension of favorable action

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