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Army Performance Growth Counseling
Regardless of how it is conducted, performance counseling must be a teaching process with continuous growth and
development its object. Through personal growth, soldiers realize their full potential. Growth and motivation are
stimulated by the challenge of a soldier’s job and by the guidance and encouragement of the unit leaders.

Every soldier must be capable of doing the assigned job. Every duty assignment, therefore, demands a leader’s
careful consideration. He must know the individual’s character, preferences, ambitions, qualifications, and potential.
The opportunity for learning to take place results from conditions created by the leader. Motivation, in turn, results
from learning and is greatly influenced by personal values. Those conditions under the leader’s control that stimulate
learning and motivation include—

  • Accurate evaluation of performance.
  • Rapport between leader and soldier.
  • Clear and understandable communication between leader and subordinate.
  • Mutual agreement concerning performance areas where improvement is required.
  • Specific actions for improving performance.
  • Feedback on progress.
  • Expectation of success.

Growth and learning of subordinate officers are enhanced by the proper use of DA Form 67-8-1, OER Support
Form. This valuable tool enables leaders to direct subordinates in a way that fosters mission accomplishment. It
clearly shows subordinates what is expected of them and allows for their participation in the decision-making
process. Further, it focuses on the linkage between individual performance and the unit’s mission. The key to
successfully using this form is the joint establishment of objectives at the beginning of the rating period with periodic
reviews and revisions when necessary. Face to face discussion is essential for success. Simply having neatly
prepared forms in a file is unacceptable. Taking the time to teach subordinates and to have open discussions on
mission-related issues is the objective.
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