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The Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal is a decoration which was created under Executive Order 12830 by George H. W.
Bush on January 9, 1993. The medal was designed by the Institute of Heraldry and was first issued in December 1993.

The Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal recognizes those members of the military (active duty, reserve and national guard)
who perform substantial volunteer service to the local community above and beyond the duties required as a member of the United
States Armed Forces. Such volunteer service must be made in a sustained and direct nature towards the civilian community, must be
significant in nature to produce tangible results, and must reflect favorably on the military service and the United States Department of
Defense. The definition of volunteer service is left intentionally vague, allowing for a wide variety of activities and volunteer duties
which would qualify a service member for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. Such as Volunteer Emergency Services,
Habitat for Humanity, Soup Kitchens, etc.

There is no time limit required for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, however most awarding authorities require that the
volunteer service must exceed three years in length, and/or 100 hours of service.[1] Since the decoration is classified as a service
medal, there is no citation which accompanies the award, however most commanders will present a personal letter to those who
receive the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. Multiple awards of the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal are
denoted by service stars.
military outstanding volunteer service medal