This page is all about DA Form 2166-8, the Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report or NCOER for short. As
NCOs we are all aware that this document can make or break your career, therefore it is extremely important that all
NCOs know the facts and how to write a quality evaluation that is well written with powerful
comments that clearly
justify Excellence or needs Improvement. CounselingExamples.Com can help you compose your NCOER by using the
bullets and examples that are posted on this page or you can purchase our premium Software, NCOER Examples 1.0
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NCOER Comments today
Army NCOER Bullets
NCOER Comments for Competence
  • selected as the battalion NCO of the quarter
  • commended for zero deficiencies within his section during command inspection
  • completed 12 semester hours of college classes during this rating period
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Responsibility and Accountability
  • maintained and accounted for over $300,000 worth of equipment with zero loss and
    minimal operational downtime
  • prepared platoon for command inspection which resulted in 100% accountability of all
  • utilized and enforced strict safety procedures during the company's M16/M9 weapons
    range which resulted in zero safety violations
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Physical Fitness & Military Bearing
  • demonstrated mental and physical toughness while accomplishing the most demanding
    missions over long, sometimes 20-hour work cycles
  • scored 298 points on his most recent APFT
  • encouraged his subordinates to excel in physical training which resulted in 2 of his
    subordinates earning the APFT badge  
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  • selected as the battalion training NCO over 3 of his peers
  • received the military outstanding volunteer service medal for sustained outstanding service
   in the community
  • effectively led the execution of the platoon's M16 qualification range for 15 Soldiers,
    resulting in 100% qualification                                
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  • qualified expert for the 4th consecutive time with his assigned weapon
  • his training and experience led his platoon to excel over 3 other platoons during the
    company field training exercise
  • conducted marksmanship training that resulted in 100% qualification during the
    company's M16 range               
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